Current Research Projects

Environmental contaminants and impacts on the stress circuitry

Stress levels are reaching alarming levels among citizens of the US and across the globe. Environmental contaminants we are ubiquitously exposed to have neuroendocrine-disrupting effects. We are exploring the impacts of various environmental contaminants on the stress circuitry and the organismal response to stressors, focusing on metals and metalloids. We investigate these responses using a multi-faceted approach by looking at behavioral and physiological responses.

Developmental toxicity of contaminants of emerging concern

Studies estimated that humans are exposed to 100,000 chemicals with only 10% of these chemicals assessed for safety. Our studies investigate how developmental exposure to contaminants of emerging concern (CEC), such as microplastics and forever chemicals, impacts the development of organisms.

3D printing materials and impacts on germ cells

Applications for 3D printing are becoming more popular in biomedical and environmental settings, yet, the effects leachates from 3D-printed objects may have on biological systems are poorly understood. Our studies investigate how exposure to the leachates from 3D-printed objects may adversely impact sperm quality.

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